The Howell Gallery
6432 North Western Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Currently on Exhibit at Howell Gallery

"Girls Day Out"   
30" x 24"
Oil on Linen


"Taking It All In"   
30" x 20"
Oil on Cotton


"C'mon! Supper's Waiting"
30" x 40"   Oil on Linen

"Stopping for a Cold One"   
10" x 12"    Oil on Linen Panel

"Texas Homestead"
  12" x 16" 
Oil on Linen Panel

"On the Edge of Tomorrow"
27" X 36"  
Transparent Watercolor

"July Parade"
24" X 18"
Oil on Linen

"Wash Day"
18" X 16"   
Transparent Watercolor

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